"The Spa For The Adventurous Soul!"

So play hard, we'll help you heal.

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In Person:

35 E Simpson
PO Box 3265
Jackson, WY 83001

Banya Hours:
Open Monday – Saturday
11:30am – 7:00pm
Open till 9pm Nov-April
*We allow up to 6 people at once
in the Banya, so please call ahead
for your reservation. However,
we do accept walk ins.*

Massage Hours:
Monday through Saturday
Closed Sunday

Via Phone:

(307) 732-0863






The Price of Massage!

While Bear & Doe prides itself
on their staff, they also
enjoy making massage affordable.
Compare The Village price average:
50(actually 42) minutes $145.
Us, 60 minutes $95
80 Minutes $205. Us, 90 minutes $140

And we give you the full time allotted & after use of our infrared sauna or a 15 minute session in the Banya with a dip in the cold plunge. You won’t believe how great you can feel!

August is a Honey of a Month!

Couples’ Massage & Honey Blanket Special
The sun and the Wyoming wind will
dry out your skin and age it
faster than the rain storms that
blow over the Tetons. So take care of it
with a Russian Honey Blanket. Go to our
spa menu to read the benefits of raw honey.
Two one hour massages & honey blanket –
normally $310, now 280!

Experience why everyone says it
“the most intense spa” they’ve
ever been to.

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